"The beautiful and mysterious oil"

The Times, March 21, 2011

Exclusive extra virgin olive oils
from El Maestrat, the land of millennia-old
olive trees.
Exclusive extra virgin olive oils from El Maestrat, the land of millennia-old olive trees.

El Poaig

El Poaig came into existence to showcase the best-kept treasure of El Maestrat: the fruit of its millennia-old olive trees and one of the best olive oils in the world.

The Oil

"It'd be lunchtime and my mother would say: go and get some oil."

El Poaig originates from that sentence because none of that existed anymore. Because I would open the wooden pantry and there in the cool darkness, I would remove a piece of wood covering an amphora, which was older than anything I knew and know. With a worn-out porcelain ladle, I would pour oil into a "setrill" (a cruet). At that moment, I would breathe in the characteristic smell of oil: that smell which impregnates anywhere where "the green stuff" is stored. Both bitter and sweet. We fearlessly dressed salads, cooked meat, fish, above all fish which my grandfather the sailor would bring straight from the boat and into the pan. And the oil would be provided by my grandmother, who was the one who every autumn would pick olives in her fields in the middle of the dry plains in order to make oil, her oil, our oil.

How we make it

It all begins on the last day of the previous season. The tree is left to rest and in January, it is pruned to make it more productive. At that point, we know which branches will see better flowering and better fruit.

"Extra virgin olive oil has been chosen for its quality and exclusivity by London's luxury Harrods stores"

ABC, October 8, 2018

The Oil Dispenser

The world's most expensive oil has to be bottled in a container which rises to the occasion. The CuldeSac design studio has designed premium packaging which provides extraordinary liturgy. The pack itself offers an experience which goes beyond the liquid contained within.

Our team

Joaquim Solano
Manuel Arnau

Buy our oil

Fill out the purchase form to get our exclusive oil dispenser, which will be the perfect guest at any get-together around the table. You will receive the instructions for the purchase procedure in your email.

Due to our way of producing the oil, we have a limited number of bottles:

El Mil del Poaig


161 bottles


620 bottles

El Verd del Poaig


2114 bottles


4000 bottles


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